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Graphic Design Web Design Radio Production TV Production

Over the years I have been part of many of the marketing and advertising aspects of Wizard's, including web design, print ad, billboards, radio commercial, and also did most of the media buying. Here are some examples of the different ideas we have had over the years.


Web Design:


Wiz-x logo

WIZX.COM was one of the first projects we completed for Wizard's. It was also the first ecommerce site we ever designed.



Print Ads:

We have created some of the Wizard's Print ads for the Flyer, as well as the Billboards, and Tolley Signs. Here are some of my favorates.

Memphis Flyer Ads



Billboards and Trollys


Radio Commericals

This is without a doubt the most fun I have ever had working, and the character acting part of my like almost never happened. While I was working at Rock 103, I got Wizards to try some radio. I wrote a script and turned it into production. I emailed Wizards the commercial and the response was, "If that is the best you can do nevermind". Being that I really wanted this to work, i decided to take another shot and do some commercials myself. The rest as they say is history. All of these character and voices I created and voiced myself. Here are some of my favorites.

Billy Bob

Billy Bob 1 Billy Bob 2 Billy Bob 3 Billy Bob 4 Billy Bob 5


Guy Weather Guy

Guy Weather Guy Guy at the River 1 Guy at the River 2 Guy's Day Off Rain Guy's Day Off Sun
Guy's Full Report 1 Guy's Full Report 2 Guy's Last Broadcast Guy's Apology Game Show


The Count

The Count 1 The Count 2 The Count 3


Angry Cupid

Angry Cupid 1 Angry Cupid 2



Dancer Crap Santa's Cookies Mall Mania Check List
Fat Man's Nap Thank God That's Over What's Wrong With Santa Elf Strike



Ain't Nobody Got Time For That! Vote For Wizard's Happy Place Furry Bones Step Right Up! Don't Get Eaten By A Bear



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